PAST WORK – Shows and Exhibitions



Feb 15 Curated and performed for “Put Something Someplace – an Intimate Evening” at The Hall, Boston, MA


Nov 2-3 Digital presence for Stephanie Houten’s multimedia installation PLAY at Illuminus, Boston, MA

Oct 31 Halloween lounge songs + facilitating paint nite for marauders, The Spokehouse, Dorchester, MA

Oct 27  “Ode to Barasingha Deer” + manifesto song, Highlander Center, Knoxville, TN

Oct 14-21 with special performance “Ode to Barasingha Deer” + manifesto song Oct 20 “WeedtoWear” Fall Fashion Collection of Ceremonial Gowns made of landscaping waste for Green Arts Fest, MassArt, Boston, MA

Oct 7 “Ode to Barasingha Deer” for Lion’s Jaw, Festival, Cambridge, MA

Sep “WayFinders” with Mattia Mauree for FogxFLO,  Emerald Necklace Conservancy  and City of Boston, Jamaica Plain, MA

Jul “AbunDANCE demo” for Qarnival, MakeShift, Boston, MA

Jul “Bare Necessities” for United Colors of Burlesque, Oberon, Cambridge, MA

Jun “AbunDANCE demo” for Block/Buid/Be Retreat at Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Petaluma, CA

May “Moth Eaten” for The Femme Show at Oberon, Cambridge, MA

May In Divine Company Open Rehearsal Fresh Fridays at Green Street Studio, Cambridge, MA

Feb “I won’t say no till Tomorrow” for Love vs. Lust, Chinatown, MA

Oct “Ode to the Golden Deer” for Laberinto Projects, Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador + The Cabins Retreat, Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, CT, Solo Song + Dance.

Fri/Sat 6/2 – 6/3 “Memorium,” solo song + dance piece for A Queer Place & Time: A Benefit Concert for Youth on Fire, Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA

Tue 5/16 “Museum Travel Ban” discussant for NEMA Panel on Davis Museum, Wellesley, MA

Fri/Sat 4/28 – 4/29 “Reclaiming Desire,” solo song + dance burlesque piece for The Femme Show, Club Cafe, Boston, MA

Spring 2017 Xplicit Care

Spring 2017 AbunDANCE

Sat 10/8 “Gxrl from Chayanta: for you, love will not be over,” a multi media community movement piece that honors indigenous femmes who are the earth’s first and fiercest defense. An homage to Bolivia Manta’s “Chayantenita,” in remembrance of Berta Cáceres, for Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance Day, encuentro 5, Boston, MA

Sun 10/2 “Adventures of the Lotus Brothers / Lal Kamal aar Neel KamalAdapting genocidal Bengali folk musical  as a reinterpretation to call out the iconography that continues to add to the violence against adivasi and Dalit people – working script in draft drawing and song presented with my father

Thu 9/15   “Gxrl from Chayanta: for you, love will not be over,” a multi media community movement piece that honors indigenous femmes who are the earth’s first and fiercest defense. An homage to Bolivia Manta’s “Chayantenita,” in remembrance of Berta Cáceres, for Boston Stands with Standing Rock Benefits Show, Elks Lodge, Cambridge, MA

Sat 8/13  “A womxn’s vote is in the home: performance exploration of Sojourner Truth’s ain’t I a woman?,” for Peña, encuentro 5, Boston, MA Concept, Choreographer, Performer and Facilitator of community theater

Fri-Sun July 8-10 CommonBound in Buffalo: Facilitating a workshop “Reclaiming Economic Theory with the #personalmanifesto”

Sun 6/19 1-4 AbunDANCE: Flourishing Fullness through Movement – Dancing Our Lives Practice Space ‪#‎abunDANCE‬

Fri 6/17 2-5 I am a Universe: Healing Arts Workshop – Creative Coping & Grieving Arts Practice Space ‪#‎iamauniverse‬

Sat 1/30   “Lime with Pampi,” curated by Intelligent Mischief, Make Shift, Boston, MA (feature artist in salon series)Sun Aug 9 Performed Jataka Fables and facilitated community theater play on site for Franklin Park Art Grove

Sat Aug 8 Panelist with Jataka Fables team and “Autobiographical Animal” performance artists Rachel Frank and Ian Deleon for noon talk facilitated by Barbara Lewis or Trotter Institute for the Study of Black History and Culture titled “Empathetic Environments: Animals as Mentors, Masks, and Mirrors.” FRanklin Park Art Grove

Fri Aug 7 spotlighted at First Friday Youth Open Mic feature by Tu Anh Phan 1.5-generation Viet spoken word poet from Dorchester. MA for his “Chakras” poem

Thu Jul  16 spotlighted at headlining performance feature by multi-percussionist Neel K. Agrawal from Los Angeles, CA – theme “Borderlands,” also improv performed “white face is not racist: channeling my inner camille monet” to  Mt. Eden’s “Sierra Leone”

Sat Jun 6 Facilitated “Flash Forward Y2034: An Afro-futurist Sci-fi Hackathon” for USDAC Boston Cultural Imagining, created video installation, set up decor, made caribbean themed food

Sun May 31 recapped March Against Monsanto: Rally for World Food Justice event and presented “Flash Forward Y2034: An Afro-futurist Sci-fi Hackathon” for USDAC Boston Cultural Imagining at “Art is Life Itself” radio show with Nina LaNegra, Boston

Sat May 23 presented song at March against Monsanto: Rally for World Food Justice, Copley Square, Boston

Fri May 22 presented “Food justice can only happen with racial, economic, and climate justice” messaging at touchfm 106.1, Dorchester

Thu May 21 8pm presented “Doves B Cryin: on resisting erasure with inclusive organizing” at “Art is Life Itself” Open Mic hosted by Nina LaNegra, Roxbury

Sun May 17 presented “Food justice can only happen with racial, economic, and climate justice” messaging at “Art is Life Itself” radio show with Nina LaNegra, Boston

Sat May 2 3:40-4:15pm Jamaica Plain Wake up the Earth! danced to the Four Elements live!

Sat Dec 13 6-9pm Green Street Studios, for BRIGHT NIGHTS, an evening of facilitated art to end sexual violence, presented selections “Return to Sea” “Venus Garden” “Trust” from Sculpted Guardian Illumined with original poetry

Sat Nov 23 7-9pm A Far Cry Orchestra Space, for GenreQueer – presented “training day” as Boy Baret

Sat Oct 25 6pm-12am SoWa for Illuminus – with In Divine Company, presented “Sculpted Guardian Illumined”

Tue Oct 21 11-1pm Chinatown Gate, for “R Visions for Chinatown” – with In Divine Company, presented “Jataka Fables for Community Building and Resilience” + presented three banners

Thu Sep 18 7-9pm East Meets Word Bookstore, Subdrift Two Year Anniversary – presented “States of Mind. United?, a video projection performance on #ferguson”

Sun Aug 31 6-9pm East Meets Word Bookstore, for Costatis Arts Collective Fundraiser – presented “Take Five” in faux kathak

Fri Aug 22 7-9pm Aeronaut Brewery Bring your own Beamer Party – presented “States of Mind. United?, a video projection performance on #ferguson”

Sat May 3 Noon-6Pm Temple Somerville Open Studios – presenting a day-long performance art installation for the community: “Hug Thyself: A Call to Self-Care”

Thu May 1 7Pm Armory Somerville Open Studios’ “Wearable Art Show” – presenting a Spring line

Sat Apr 12, PAX event, as an extra, Royale Nightclub, 7pm

Sat Mar 8, Masq Ball private party, dancer: Black Panther

Sun Feb 23 – Yani Batteau and the Styles – back up vox at CD release Burren, Davis Sq

Wed Feb 19 Akili Jamal Haynes’ “Art & Soul of Chibuzo” multimedia performance spectacle – I’m participating in dance “Spring Returns” and visual makeup wardrobe and puppetry assist for video shoots – Wellesley College – 7-10pm

Fri Feb 14 – valentines open mic at Armory hosted by Jim Waughn – presented two poems

Fri Feb 14 – one billion rising flash mob with Marsha Parilla/ Danza Organica at Boston Commons  – presented a song and a poem

Sat Jan 4 – backup vocals for Yani Batteau and the Styles

Thu Nov 14 + Fri Nov 15 Debut Dance Performance for In Divine Company, through New Works Dance Residency sponsored by Green Street Studios

Fri Nov 1 “volando bajito,” Villa Victoria Gallery, movement “Kali as la bruja” and song “la bruja en la bruja,” exploring la bruja through temple dance

Friday Sep 27 “Joplin & Josephine” one time afterschool show – Strand Theatre – 3:30pm, in pigment dance song

thu Subdrift

Fri Jul 19, Our Own (Desi) Community Art Show, Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA

Sat Jun 22, performing at 3rd Annual Kent Hollow Music Festival 2013, CT

Sat Jun 1, performing at Cambridge River Fest 2013 at Toni Bee’s Poet Populist Tent 4:45

Thu May 16, Paint the Town (la) Red/ Pintando el pueblo de rojo, Fundraiser for La Red, Survivor-led organizing to end partner abuse in LGBQ/T, SM, and polyamorous communities @ Oberon, 6-11pm – I am one of the performers. Please join us for Dinner. Performance. Silent Auction. Music. Dancing.

Sat May 4, Somerville Open Studios “The Divine Masculine Comes Into Age” Performance Installation, Noon-6pm

Wed May 1, [X]Walk Wearable Art – Somerville Open Studios Wearable Art Show, 7pm

Sat April 13, Private Preview – Evening of Erotica & Cabaret – producing original cabaret (Guy & Doll), hosting and presenting wearable/visual art ([X]Walk) and original song/dance number (Courtesan in Crisis Movement One)

Sun Mar 17, Temple Dance Workshop for Acro Expressions Mexico, Mexico

Fri Feb 22, Subdrift Open Mic

Tue 2/26, Black Male’d Open Mic, Bunker Hiill Community College Art Gallery

FRI 2/22, Subdrift Open Mic – led “Haiku n Hollah” workshop and read a poem

FRI 2/15 Performed multimedia performance “Drunk on Dhak” for Mobius’ Tinderbox Series – w/ Kristophe Diaz

TUE 1/1 Performed at New Years vigil at Harvard Square condemning rape and violence against women through two original pieces: (1) street theater “Exploring Un-Dress (verb) as a Metaphor for Respecting (Women’s) Personal Space” followed by Dalit Diva’s song “Die on this Bank” and (2) original poem “How do we get fathers to respect their daughters?” Harvard Square

SAT 12/1 Performed commissioned piece on an urban theme related to the physical/social/economic aspects of the city at Decemberfest: Connecting Communities through the Arts, sponsored by the Harvard Urban Planning Organization and a studio course, Networked Urbanism. Location: Harvard Graduate School of Design.

SAT 12/1 Led an Anti-Cyber-Bullying Workshop Designing Memes for B-Pac + El Movimiento’s “Fight the Power. Youth Fight Back Conference”

THU 11/8 Feature poet/performer as part of Housatonic Community College’s Housatonic Writers in the Classroom series. Presented and performed poetry in movement and led a writing workshop translating the haiku into movement as an exercise to demo movement as a writing practice.

SAT 11/3 Diwali-Eid Community Dinner – I presented “Die on this Bank” (simultaneously vocals in acapella and movement) from my amazing singer/songwriter friend Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s upcoming sufi-blues album “Broken People”

THU 11/1 Subdrift Open Mic – I presented “Die on this Bank” (simultaneously vocals and movement) from my amazing singer/songwriter friend Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s upcoming sufi-blues album “Broken People” with Justin Francos (on melodica) and Nick Detar-Koch (on acoustic guitar)

THU 10/25 Jeff Jam Kids Sing Song Show “Halloween Special” – Spotted Lady back!

Session Planeteria, Fasika Restaurant, Somerville – With Justin Francos (on melodica) and Nick Detar-Koch (on acoustic guitar), I performed a song “Die on this Bank” (simultaneously vocals and movement) from my amazing singer/songwriter friend Thenmozhi Soundararajan’s upcoming sufi-blues album “Broken People” as part of the campaign to Cast Out Caste ♥ Oct 2012

After Harvest Art/Music Gathering, Fort Point: presented movement spoken word piece to live music and two dishes, Oct 2012

Caste: A Conversation – MIT Bush Room, September 2012

Internationalia Org, Cloud Club, Invited by Mali Sastri – “Dois Apsaras,” August 2012

Woodstock, White Haus, JP – “Dois Apsaras,” August 2012

Jeff Jam Kids Sing Song “Candy” Show, August 2012

Somerville DanceFest 2012 Union Square – “Dois Apsaras,” July 2012

Third Life Studio Choreographers Series: A new performance series for Boston choreographers! Union Square, Somerville – Melissa and I debut’d to the public as “Dois Apsaras” >> June 2012

Project JamaicaWay Sustainable Style Competition & Fashion Show, June 2012

Jeff Jam’s Kids Sing Song Show *Sun and Grass and Gardens*, May 2012

Somerville Porchfest @ Temple, improvising to Flightless Buttress and Four Elements, May 2012

Celebrating The Divine Feminine for Somerville Open Studios :: “The snake ate the moon: a graphic poem” * “Yama-Yami (half-female half-male deity) : re-interpreting gendered temple stories in dance” * “Releasing Apsara to Stone: A Re-telling of Pygmalion in dance” * “O Mother! Raise us up” * “I carry Devi within Me” * “Domestic?” acrylic on canvas * “Devis of the Deep” acrylic on canvas * “Nut” dye on canvas, May 2012

Movement to original poem “O Mother Raise us up!” in song dance and drum! for La Peña Rebelde’s International Women’s Day Celebration Honoring Afro-Latinas @ encuentro 5, Mar 2012

Jeff Jam Kids Sing Song “St. Patricks” Show, Mar 2012

Gujurat Violence Memorial Lecture, MIT, Performing to Shabnam Virmani’s performance of Kabir’s “The Parrot and the Burning Tree,” Mar 2012

“Making Goddess Kitsch” with Saraswathi Jones & Pampi as Yama-Yami @ an Art Party hosted by THE WILD MIND – India Castle, Jan 2012

pre-screening performance for film PINA (about choreographer Pina Bausch) at Boston Common AMC Theater at 6:30. Film at 7:30. hosted by Boston Dance Alliance, Jan 2012.

Dancer in My Darling Pet Munkee “X-ray Spex” Music Video, Dec 2011

Dresses for Haiti, Oct-Dec 2011

Jeff Jam Holiday Special, Dec 2011

The South Asia Center’s Diwali Eid Dinner – “There Comes a Moment” poetry and movement, Nov 2011

Jeff Jam Halloween Special, Oct 2011

Dance Occupy at #occupyboston, Oct 2011

Poetry and performance (recitation by Ishani Das) at Durga Puja, CT, Oct 2011

“Politics Begins at Home” Warming for Adi, visual art, movement and poetry, Oct 2011

Backup vox for the Hot Lava Mamas, Debbie & Tali @ All Asia, August 2011

TV Community Access Children’s Show with Jeff Jam. I am the spotted lady 😉 August 2011

Open Mic @ Opening Night For National Poetry Slam Boston, August 2011

Talent Show at Lake Keoka, Maine – poetry recitation and improvised dance, July 2011

Fundraiser for Armanda’s Citizenship at the Temple – song & poetry recitation, July 2011

Survivor Theatre Fundraiser, Revere – Improv Dance Piece to TJ Rehmi’s Mind Filter, July 2011

Led a Movement Workshop at the Cambridge Women’s Center. Bodies Talk: Boldly translate those thoughts you just can’t say aloud into movement, June 2011

Nerdy Cabaret at The Middle East, June 2011

John D. O’Bryant Middle School Youth Fashion Show, presenting a line of prom dresses “Spring into Prom” & improvised dance, May 2011

Lounge Acapella, Improvised Dance and Desi Fusion piece, Somerville Porchfest, May 2011

Presented a Line of Prom Dresses & Improv-Danced in order to celebrate opening my studio, Somerville Open Studios, Apr 30 & May 1, 2011

Video Performance Installation for Harvard University’s Educational Bodies Conference: The Performance of Gender and Sexuality in Academia, Apr 2011

Book Cover for Cognella Academic Publishing “Paint it Brown: Writings from the South Asian Diaspora,” 2011 & “Eyes of a Storm: The Voices of Bengali-American Women,” 2010

Album Art for CD “Rescuing Persephone,” produced by Survivor Theatre Project, Cambridge, Oct 2010

Poetry Recitation “third eye fell,” Durga Puja, CT, Oct 2010

Dance Movement Piece “flowering in dance” for Pocket Garden Tour, Portsmouth, NH, Jun 19, 2010 & “you & me” for Movie Screening, Boston, Sep 2009

Dresses at youth-organized fashion show for National HIV Testing Day, Jun 2009