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    digital mixed media performance artist + poet dancer

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People’s School – holding our ground

Losing my shit looking at this pic. It was such an amazing...

03rd May

Reclaiming DeSirE

Fighting to belong as an othered person keeps me self policing desire in...

01st May

Xplicit Care: Unpacking Attachment & Security #xplicit care

Sundays, 12-3 (5/7) Lunch provided. REGISTRATION REQUIRED Please do join us for...

27th Apr

Testimonial for Xplicit Care: Developing a Habit of Care

I am so glad I went to the first workshop on developing...

27th Apr

When Work Feel Good: An expressive arts curriculum for Escuela del Pueblo

After Movimiento Cosecha organizing, in Spanish first, English below ¡Tan emocionadx por...

26th Apr