Proposal to City of Boston to Answer Call for Public Art at Dudley Public Library

  WORKING PROPOSAL WORKING TITLE We ARE Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams: Connecting...

08th Jun

Sheherezade’s Conversation with Hafez

A courtesan and poet meet at Court Sheherezade: “Hafiz, what is the...

03rd Feb
Sheherezade’s Conversation with Hafez

Reflections from paneling at NEMA’s “Museums and the Travel Ban” at the Davis Museum

NEMA’s Margaret Middleton invited a panel of color experts followed presentation by...

19th May

On engaging consent and respectful conduct in community

No place can be safe but we can be mindful about trying...

15th May

Panelist for NEMA’s “Travel Ban” talk at Davis Museum

…And secured honoraria for fellow panelists and myself – NEMA “Travel Ban”...

06th May