From so-called Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock #NoDAPL #NoBlackSnakeFriday #WaterIsLife

25th Nov

Reinterpreting genocidal Bengali folk “Adventures of the Lotus Brothers / Lal Kamal aar Neel Kamal” at Puja

Adapting genocidal Bengali folk musicalĀ  as a reinterpretation to call out the...

03rd Oct

How can I bring a child into this world when in less than 4 years 2/3 of the world’s wildlife slated to be extinct?

CW: May be triggering for parents. Had a matter of fact conversation...

11th Jul

on grief work

I am new to grief work. For me, much of grief work...

14th Jun

Pleasure by another name is Prince #RIPPrince

We never lacked for food or pieced-together comforts of a mother land...

21st Apr