Moth Eaten

[Partial Script below] Spoken>>> I wake up moth eaten Brain in fog...

13th Apr

Sheherezade’s Conversation with Hafez

A courtesan and poet meet at Court Sheherezade: “Hafiz, what is the...

03rd Feb
Sheherezade’s Conversation with Hafez

Panoplay Panocam “Panompi” – capturing movement time place and person

  A veritable panoply >>> late 16th century (in the sense ‘complete...

16th Jan

Reinterpreting genocidal Bengali folk “Adventures of the Lotus Brothers / Lal Kamal aar Neel Kamal” at Puja

Adapting genocidal Bengali folk musical  as a reinterpretation to call out the...

03rd Oct

I am a universe

i am a universe the same love that went into making you...

09th Jan
I am a universe