Impromptu community selection process to determine which poems to submit

I’ve tried this before, but this time around it really gelled for some reason. So last minute, but had 7 people write in ! I was really having trouble choosing five. So these folx really did come to my rescue

“Pampi! So fun to read this. Thank you for the opportunity. You’re such a gifted, powerful writer!

Here are my thoughts after reading through them! I picked the 5 I thought worked well together, and also the ones that really reached into that good soul space that only poetry can go to (all of them went there, so take this only as my personal opinion!) I used the first line of the poem to tell you my choice.
I love … the way all of the submissions together show such a range of human experience, from loss to love to pain to gratitude.”
“It’s beautiful because in this series I can feel your power and tenderness throughout. They all show your brilliance, exceptionality, light, your fight, and just overall beauty. Its all moving. You are a gift to this world and it is a pleasure to read your poems . I hope you are chosen for the award.”
“I loved all the poems equally though <3 your beautiful soul is truly a treasure <3”