We are companions to the truth – Wildwood ceremony

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part of accountability to social contract is when formal social contracts prove violent we have the right to break with them 🧡🌈🌸🦋🌿social contract I’m referring to is the mother of social contracts – what we enter into with our birth. The right to exist and steward in a way that allows all beings to flourish – esp those deemed lesser by violent states. By Truth I mean universal Truth (the ultimate understanding of power wrt practice of sustainability by humans in this world – for the world continues to exist whether we are here or not). There is such a thing. The Truth buried through violence. We move with our personal truths, yes, but they are often not the whole Truth. Protect whatever bit you understand of Truth. It was hard fought to get to you. Don’t let it get buried in you. Don’t let others bury it. Make them struggle to accept it and become its companions. True practice of respect is struggling with those who are brutalized with the burial of Truth. And, no. You alone don’t know better. Together we might arrive at something. Togetherness sometimes means waiting for people. #reclaimsocialcontract

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