Mone Rekho – Remember… a final translation

Tagore’s Mone Rekho

Translated over audio by Gopal Das, Ph.D., language adapted by Pampi

Remember, even when I go far away… the old love gets veiled by a new one

Even when I remain close and you cannot see me, I’m there as a shadow

Still, remember 

If the tears once flowed from your eyes during honeymoon play, remember 

On an autumn morning during a moment of mundane trouble in your work, remember 

Even if the tear will not fall from the corner of your eyes, remember 


Pampi’s response to their papa’s selection, a response to honor his dukho at leaving and perhaps being forgotten – an inadvertent response to the great Kabi Tagore

Mone rekho, even as you must go, you leave traces of the loving home you make in our flowering hearts. ever your home should you wish to return.

Mone rekho, the love you give is so resplendent, deep and consistent, it is how we keep our minds well for we know what real love looks and feels like

Mone rekho, you are light in all the forms. We are so happy and lucky to know you in your warm, joyful, beautiful, spirited, spritely animal form

Mone rekho, you are as an unforgettable, immeasurable and expansive as the night sky – as whole as the universe – and in that you allowed us to know your loving self every day – what a gift

Mone rekho, you are and have always been the first thought in our mind when we awake and the first story out of our mouths when we greet the day

Mone rekho, you swell a whole river in us – all our organs the river creatures playing joyfully because you believe in us each and every day

As you can see, there is no old or new love, there’s only ever our love

         Mone rekho