When words…


When words

I searched for you
according to legend
Yours provide remedy
And sure enough
Words I found
So expertly spun in song as sound
Broke the dam
Rushed the river
That just shouldn’t? couldn’t wouldn’t come
Trapped inside
I’d as soon forgot
Forced down in fear
I would not hold
But my love
I knew once you’d too been
Deadened confused against
all your might
And too I knew you went in search
And too like me
you’d found respite
In no truer words
No doubt
How lucky I am to know
I don’t need my own
When I have yours
and yours and yours and yours and yours
And ours and ours and ours and ours
So full of love
It smashes and powers
Searching and searching
In the gentlest way
Both Soft and fierce
And unrelenting
For You my loves
Were there
After and ever more
For ever more
Forever more
My loves
Because of you
I am a poet
And because of you
I am not alone