Save-the-Date Sun Dec 8 Expressive Arts Brunch Workshop Series: Pathways to Xplicit Care

There will be yummy brunch foods, hot refreshments and the warm company of community ♥ Please bring a journal and wear comfortable layers.

< Union Capital Boston, Inc. is wheelchair accessible – ramp to left of entrance door. Across from Jackson Square stop >

The first in an Expressive Arts Brunch Workshop Series Centering Practices in Mutual Aid. Rooted in acknowledging and healing internalized violence. For Ujima members + open to the Public.

Facilitated by Pampi, Boston Ujima Project’s Member Organizing Manager

In story song movement and play – applying aspects of the expressive arts as healing tools – this workshop seeks to support participants in examining where our values are rooted and help us walk back to the ancestors (and ancestor friends) who managed to pass down the values that help us love accountably and unapologetically. We will be thanking them. Bolstered by new-found clarity, we call the other ancestors in to heal with us from the values that continue to cause harm. Without understanding how values build our very foundations, we cannot build robust visions for economic liberation.


Pampi is a 20+year newcomer-settler-resident of Massachuset-Wompanoag lands. They are a darker-skinned nonbinary second-genx casteD-Bengali culture worker, popular educator and sustainable community strategist. Rooted in principles of social permaculture, Pampi’s work serves to release creative potential and identify pathways that acknowledge, confront and heal beyond the violent internalized mythologies that undermine liberation by embodying abundance beyond surviving. They are honored to help nurture and flourish the many great works towards economic liberation that Boston Ujima Project community members are spiritedly manifesting. In this official capacity, Pampi hopes to encourage membership to move together in ways that resist the top-down, individualistic, hierarchical ways of being that we have all internalized – together creating models of mutual aid and interdependence we can practice in community.

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