Representing Boston Ujima Project at New Economy Coalition’s #RadTalk

So honored to share the stage with such tremendous visionary light workers manifesting economic liberation – here Aaron Tanaka and I share a bit about Boston Ujima Project at the #RadTalk moderated by Ed Whitfield hosted by the New Economy Coalition on the lands of the Eastern Cherokee and Catawba nations – Asheville, NC. (We closed so last bit of video)

from the words of Nati Conrazon: “Thank you WNC committee, Western North Carolina New Economy Coalition, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, YMI Cultural Center, The Center for Local Economies, Emma Poder (, Co-operate WNC: A Regional Mutual Aid Initiative, Firestorm Books & Coffee, Green Opportunities, SOCAP International, Carolina Small Business Development Fund, Hood Huggers International, Kimberly Hunter, Mountain BizWorks, Just Economics of WNC, Asheville-Buncombe Community Land Trust, and Everyday Details Co-op for hosting NEC member orgs this week for our 6th annual meeting!

We’ve evolved as a network and climbed many mountains, with more yet still to scale; the sky is the limit when we put in work to reach higher peaks. We are building our #SolidarityEconomyFam…follow along if you missed it! ”