Positionality as Pathways to Reconciliation workshop at New Economy Coalition Member Conference, Asheville, NC

in development since last fall – connected to the dance theater project “Pathways to Reconciliation” >>> “In community play we find wealth! Positionality as Pathway to Reconciliation” In story song movement and play – applying aspects of the expressive arts as healing tools – this workshop seeks to support participants in examining where our values are rooted and help us walk back to the ancestors (and ancestor friends) who managed to pass the values that help us love accountably and unapologetically. We will be thanking them. Bolstered by new-found clarity, we call the others in to heal with us  from the values that continue to cause harm. Without understanding how values build our very foundations, we cannot build robust visions for economic liberation. to dispersing seminal fragilities honed by empire culture ! to dispersing patriarchal toxic masculinity and misogyny ! to dispersing compounding systemic violences that come from empire building ! to dispersing internalized violence ! #xplicitcare