I am the good the bad and the ugly. Therefore I am limitless.

Hi hi me in sun mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sun and wellness .
All the things I say I’m not I recognize I am – the good bad ugly – and that brings freedom because I acknowledge the aspects of my humanity that is dangerous so I can approach them less fearfully and ultimately free myself from limiting illusions of how I think I can be. Instead of saying I’m a space cadet or I have no sense of direction I will simply choose to be more mindful or affirm that even with great struggle I figure out ways to calm myself so I’ll eventually make it even if it’s an hour later 🌼does this mean I’m not going to be floating in outer space most of my life as I have been? No but it can mean that I make more trips home 🐴🐴 #limitless let’s not put limits on ourselves – enough put on us already .