You hold me like you should so I’m gonna keep on dancin’ <3

Come see me dance march through june !! The dancer who doesn’t often dance is finally dancing  You hold me like you should so I’m gonna keep on dancin’

Each of the following will be a completely different piece!

* wed mar 20 7pm dorchester art project with scarlet tongue project – performing moth eaten – how anger manifests – song dance #neonatak style. Performance in memory of #jassycorreia #ripjassycorreia violence is complicated but ultimately it compounds and is born by Black indigenous and queer and displaced femmes

* sat mar 30 7pm medford onstage 360 performing solo – the more tickets i sell, the more pay i get  at the date section scroll down and select cast B – then say my name at the door #fauxkathak style – it should be pure joy.

* may thu/fri 30/31 cambridge oberon femme show – im performing my singing and dancing bear number calling out colonialist iconography that persists #fauxkathak style (event not up yet)

* sat jun 1 somerville herbstalk – invited to facilitate AbunDANCE a meditative dance n song initiative in community (also co-teaching a curriculum on recovering history of herbs grown together sunday)

* fri/sat jun 21-22 cambridge dance complex i showcase my piece developed at choreography lab (it’s my birthday weekend) #t3mpl3dance style – developing something for In Divine Company’s reconciliation project (event page not up yet)

and now that you know I dance, call me in to dance/ facilitate community dance – especially if you facilitate community spaces. or help me keep interdependent and support the cultural work I do so I may continue  Venmo or

Photo by Kat Waterman at event hosted by Gabi + Terina