What are all these Summits for Equity ? #supportcommunitycuration

March is a pivotal month bookended by two summits on equity, one I just attended on curation and one Im arranging a panel for on intersectional arts equity in a few weeks. In all honesty I’m having trouble keeping up. More soon
When cultural spaces negotiated by organizations with city support are suddenly pushing conversations on equity it’s most likely a cosmetic appeal (value systems and the root motivation often diametrically opposed between state-sanctioned and grassroots folks – people with institutional support always carry the kind of capital power that can quicken situations so their systemic impact greater. Therefore, it is still important to show up for harm reduction and possibly leveraging a situation where communities can take back some economic power. Systems not individuals. But we need to understand the weight of the institutional power we carry as individuals. Pls help me share your concerns atleast digitally. I know we don’t reach a lot of communities being affected because of many kinds of designed access barriers . .

Your support matters. Pls do the same on Facebook for your public posts or tag your favorite community curators in a comment here. .

Who is a community curator? Someone – usually a small group of people – who bust/s their a** bringing quality programming for community healing and wellness featuring local culture workers and artists – often without much city support – because they know community togetherness and models for accountable care in community is important to have now and again and anyways #insicknessandinhealth .but that still doesn;t mean the city should not be held accountable. communities pay taxes.

I am inspired by #divestboston campaign and hope to be led by divestment principles developed by our own amazing community organizers