“Stinging Nettle” Zine for Herbstalk

translated into Haitian Kreyol, Portuguese and Spanish (lyrics below)

Ding! Done!
Labor: 6 hours research strategy, 4 hours converting research into poem/song, 20 hours design, layout, watercolor, lettering and illustration (this is the bit artists get some compensation for), 10 hours design and tech support .#whatsartequity#laboroflove
Zine design – poem song below 🙂 .
Let us forage stinging nettles
When earth is warm enough to sow
Asking all ye who tend them
In thanks and blessed harvest

Comes up in wild company
Of violets leeks and dandies
Wear gloves beg protection
Handle when they go to sleep

Warming soups to welcome spring
Tea with hearty winter sweets
Tastes like cooked up spinach
As powder juice or tonic .
Good for circulation
Stems internal bleeding
Battles blues with energy
Calms sore throat and allergies

Eat them often everyday
Bring balance to our bodies
Helps us pass poo and pee
Fluid joints for dancing

Rinse for shiny hair and skin
Thresh to make dye and string
Weaves the strongest fabrics
Manure for our plantlings

Stinging nettle… dearie
Ye guard our hearth with fiery
Grateful for all ye do
All year round through and through
#stingingnettle just a tremendously potent plant for overall health – incorporate into your daily