Press Coverage by New Haven Arts for arts equity panel #whatsartequity

The New Haven Arts wrote a feature on our “How Not to get Chumped” panel >>  AES Field Notes I: Arts, Wage Equity, & Housing Justice

“Saturday, one such workshop seemed as much geared toward New Haven as it was Boston, painting a picture of the city that resonated with the Elm City’s own boom in developmentand lack of affordable housing. In a panel titled “How Not to Get Chump-Changed: The Artist’s Role in Housing and Divestment Justice,” artist-activists Brandie BlazeDey Hernández, Previlus, Pampi, and Kimberly Barzola asked a question that struck close to New Haven’s creative landscape: where do artists fall in the complex network of advocacy work and housing justice?

And can they, knowingly or otherwise, actually be participants in gentrification?

After Previlus’ performance opened the session, Pampi suggested that the answer lies in the forms of capital that artists—and arts supporters—may or may not have. Saturday, those took several forms: social, material, financial, and experiential among others.


Further, they asked, what happens to those without capital? With a series of homemade booklets, the artist took attendees through a crash course in redlining, through which neighborhoods were deliberately segregated in the 1930s and 1940s under the guise of mortgage lending practices and desirable homes for returning veterans. Almost a century later, its consequences have left an imprint on the city, where the cost of housing has skyrocketed and several once-redlined neighborhoods have become attractive to the same outside forces and developers that have been known to haunt New Haven.”

– Lucy Gellman