A Page from the Buddha Zine: on Lust #principledpleasure

#PRINCEpledpleasure#principledpleasure Buddha was primarily speaking to men with incredible privilege given he himself was a Prince (ultimate accomplice as he was leveraging his for liberation). His focus on urging practitioners of Dhamma to curb their Lust might have been primarily intended for people entitled to and in a practice of indulging carnally (namely people with great wealth hoarding legacies) and predatorially. This is at odds with much of the philosophy of communities facing historical and continued oppression and individuals negotiating marginalized identities where experiencing pleasure is a tool for resistance as it is a way for us not to dissociate. [Cue: Janet’s pleasure principle ????] Here I am integrating the two. BALANCE. With consent and in a more integrated society perhaps the Buddha too may have experienced some comfort* in the arms of loving followers. We all doing our best ????#queeringDhamma#queeringDharma o wait! #dhammaqueeralready #queeralready.
* Buddha may have been on the gray spectrum.
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