Solstice light

here on earth even star dust casts shadows
These winter solstice
the light where we stand comes horizontal
at its brightest just before it is clipped in by the hem of long long nights
fallen leaves otherwise so mundane shinier than gold
more holy than the tallest columns of stained glass
cut and extracted through tithes off the backs of our poorest faithful
dead but given
or perhaps offering
second life to sensient eyes
shadows crisp and long
become the reason we exist at all
everything glinting
more resplendent than the most precious metal and glass making us wary of just what we are taught to hold precious
as death’s hand tethering us to life
shadows all a sudden handsome
a light play to keep us kindled through these long long nights


the story behind the watercolor n poem
i was on a walk with my father
and saw these gorgeous leaves on the path we took
and almost put myself in a panic because i’d forgotten my camera
i usually have no need to photo document so you have to believe me that i was struck by the beauty of it all
to calm myself i heard myself ask
what do you see? it’s ok to not be able to photograph it. trust you have enough to relate what you see. what do you see?
so these words came to me and a few days later i made this initial watercolor
and i can safely say the images burned in my brain are as fresh as i saw them
we are such seeing animals those of us with vision
we become dependent so quickly
we are so fragile
and yet when tested we have that greatness of heart
much love to you all