Zine (wip): We may not be able decolonize Museums, but we have a chance at decolonizing our minds

This is a working version of zine printed so we could use it as a workbook at the conference. Hoping to update it this month so it has all the workshop instructions in it.

We did an unconventional panel by integrating a workshop that helped us shift from a format we are familiar receiving in such spaces (panel format) but one offering stories of resistance in museum spaces @decolonizethisplace and stories literally amplifying othered perspectives through meticulously crafted podcasts @whitestcube to a format perhaps not at familiar at such gatherings (workshop applying a zine as a workbook) introducing the museum as a tool of empire and untangling pathways to ancestors who lived closer to the earth and those who left for empire that we all embody as a possible way to understand decolonizing our persons as essential to decolonizing places #decolonizeourmuseums