Im a sculptor!! Recap > Wearable Ceremonial Vessels #WeedstoWear at Green Arts Fest

On view through Oct 27 massart north gallery

#alllitup Haha – long way but solid stepping stone

The weeks have been intense leading up to the show, but incredible support from the students and at home got me through this incredible, emotional journey that makes me feel I have gone into my depth and survived. I share epiphanies in my other posts. We spent a good hour day of setting up the installation and a few hours later I was invited to open up the galleries featuring the visual art in performance. I felt absolutely engaged and resonant with everyone around me. Best feeling! very grateful.

Weeds to Wear : Fall Collection 2018 – a Selection

A line of wearable art made of landscaping waste as ceremonial vessels for embodying holding and composting the toxins of empire that plague us because our communities so broken down not often are too many of us lucky to have everyday harms mediated so that we can see relationships through – in dispersing seminal fragilities honed by empire culture – in dispersing patriarchal toxic masculinity and misogyny – in dispersing compounding systemic violences that come from empire building – in dispersing internalized violence #weedstowear

bittersweet and ivy for structure, cedar cypress and yew bark for substance and the cleansing spirit of good faith, corn for flair and sustenance, mugwort for fearless intuitive pathfinding, and poetry for release of Truth


Many thanks to Keagan and Gina for literally holding these sculptures while we figure out balancing techniques #weedstowear

Photo by Op #weedstowearwearable ceremonial vessels – a practice in reconciliation

Illumination in front of @sawoolkim lucid painting of disappearing creatures #barasingha

Performing “.Reconciliation” Mattia and I making this song 🙂 eeeee!
The Green Arts Fest crew is tops!!! Many thanks for everything!