PSA: A how-to on acknowledgement

if you hear it from someone and are moved to share it, say their name aloud when sharing it
– esp if you hadnt heard it in quite another way and it made you think

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we don’t live in vacuums and the lineage to loving liberatory pathways can really only be honored through word of mouth because these stories and pathways are not valued and indeed targeted destroyed co-opted

let us honor the people who make us think/ move us into tenderness – especially if they inspire the seven human frailties to come up in us – (even when the messengers may carry oppressor identities ) – that’s going beyond fragility and internalized violence.

let us honor the people who are our neighbors who do this. they say buy local. well let’s honor our local warriors too. we don’t need to go out to find inspiration, inspiration is right here amongst us. in the form of some of the most loving people we will ever have the privilege of knowing and growing with <3 we are not alone so let us do the great work of not alienating ourselves and others. we create community through acknowledgement, gratefulness and showing up <3 and that's all built on trust: trust that people will show up, trust that we can do this great work you were put on this earth to do, trust that there is enough for everybody, trust that we are enough. trust is an exercise of deep faithful love. in and out <3 and it is f hard to do they say actions speak louder than words. took me a long time to understand this. may our actions be intentional, resplendent and consistent in the love they carry. and may we not get discouraged by those who say the right things but are at a loss to actually act in liberatory ways. we are all learning. when we can learn to acknowledge our fragilities we can show up in a humble way to build the liberatory communities we envision together <3