Recap: Wayfinders make their way through the fog of empire at Fujiko Nakaya’s #FogxFlo

Photo by Holly Collins

hosted by Boston Emerald Necklace Conservancy, Fujiko Nakaya’s #FogxFlo invited Mattia and me to present a piece at the JP Pond Location

Fri sep 14, 4-7pm, Cutchemekin (pronounced Cut – cha – Makin) or jp pond .

We were fortunate that Friday graced us with the last delicious hot horizontals beams of late summer sun.

The community we practiced turned up wonderfully.

We were wayfinders navigating the fog of empire .

We performed in song movement violin and ghungroo bells – relating the complex processes of assimilation, internalized empire, intentional decolonization and mourning in all the ways it comes

We performed in ceremony over two hours. Each hour featured a different arrangement of prepared pieces and ceremony.

We shared in song, movement and sweet nourishment

The story harked back to the last time I was able to perform in communion outside – almost precisely three years ago (Since then I had taken ill and had to disband my dance company) – I was at the time performing an adaptation of the jataka fables featuring lovely animal duets struggling with community accountability.

This time we are pleased to be joined by an elderly hawk and the spirit of a stag cut down in the prime of his life.

“Wayfinders” Performance schedule

5:00 Introducing the Deer and the Hawk (2 dances) + Welcome.


5:30 Introducing the Deer and the Hawk (2 dances) + Introduction.


6:00 Community AbunDance + Manifesto as Song (2 Dances) + Participatory Ceremony.

We performed the community meditative song and dance initiative AbunDANCE as we chanted “Who holds us when we mourn?” asking our community to offer names

We debuted a manifesto named “Reconciliation with the indigeneity in us: a manifesto for empire people” wholly transformed by song


6:30 Deer and the Hawk (2 dances) + Closing.