Bear Necessities @ Oberon w United Colors of Burlesque


[check out the video titles] #whitefeminism is the most enabling * Hinduism is colonialism * white man’s progress is ecological trash

#itsajumbleoutthere– from my cheer persxn @arkitectita 😍😍😍 you just really need one person on your team 🤣🤣🤣 #teambear

f*cking up colonialist iconography (Hindu white internalized and otherwise) with power paws and bear a** #showgxlaf #alldemlights#backstage with #boybaret what are our bare necessities 🌿🍯 Adapted lyrics * video art * costume * henna (@arkitectita) * song + dance #burlesquebostonpoc

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Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in growing me up so this piece could be realized