Discipling – The Buddha + his Dhamma

Note: Dharma is Dhamma

Dhamma is wayfinding for truth. and Buddha truth was radical already – he said any form of social stratification is harmful to our growth – he called for the eradication of caste

Reading Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s The Buddha and His Dhamma in preparation for Buddhist Peace Fellowship Block Build Be Retreat. I’m shaking in excitement reading the text #longtimecoming Many thanks to #buddhistpeacefellowship for this incredible opportunity to explore Dhamma in activism lit by generations of Dalit organizers. This seminal text is all online and free#findingrefuge#findingdhamma #findingdharma

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Happy tears so I write to my papa about all I’m reading and being affirmed by – to finally be in the state of mind to embrace Buddha’s teaching as related by Dr. Ambedkar #liberationiseverything #courageandfeargohandinhand what is beautiful about liberation is that it is #withinreach how can it not be? “What matters is not so much the fall of the man, but the absence of any standard” without any standard a man who falls doesn’t know they have fallen. And man will fall. It is better they know they have fallen. #longtimecoming #lifetimecoming #findingrefuge