Fresh Dance Friday – Open Rehearsal of “Precious Body Series” Green Street Studios

Here she is a maestro but becoming exhausted and frustrated that despite her skills she cannot get away. Her anguish and ability to show emotion makes her more coveted more prized as a performer. It’s a face off a soft challenge but not much of one because she is alone isolated and against something so tremendous. Now having trouble keeping up. Losing all she has. That look to her lover…
#Precious Body Worn and Worn Down.
We are groomed to give our best to empire #empirefacing #atwhatcost#whatinjury
. “She cannot forsake that powerful gaze for anything.
her own desires.
Her future at stake.
To be desired one must desire just enough and what is a pound of flesh in this world.
she did her share of squashing the people she could not afford to become.
That kind of poverty won’t sell at court

Talent comes at high cost”
First set of shots court-facing.
Last is a brief glimpse to the lover sitting on the sides.
Stills from video documenting by Chris .
@greenstreetstudios Fresh Friday #openrehearsal
Music Talvin Singh “dubla”