Breaking ground

On May 4, 2018 by pampi

Breaking ground

My body is no longer sacred in the toxic ways I’ve been taught
But it remains sacred
I don’t plan to contribute to my ancestry
I will be the last in a line
I honor the eldest ancestors who were dreaming of me
I ask my eldest ancestors now to hold me
And pet me
Watch over my friends
As we weep for all the beauty in the way our direct ancestors engaged with each other and the world that held them
As we weep for all the care those still living close to the earth put into stewarding places they move through so we might exist in happiness
I ask my eldest ancestors “have those that came after you moved too far away from what truly makes us happy?”
“How do we help each other to heal from displacement being lost too long being careless too greedy being violated being violent?”
“Is it too late when the creatures we lean on for strength and inspiration are becoming extinct by our own hands”
“Too many, nah maa?”

I’m going to show you how I see my own beauty
Im going to show you the beauty of the scampering funny always singing tumbly carefree child I used to be
Im going to show you how I hope some of my lovers see me
Im going to show you how my ancestors look in their nakedness
And I will love my beautiful self
Because I’m f beautiful
And I know this too is fraught
Yet we must celebrate ourselves as we are
We must change what we consume so we can be giddy in the beauty of every person and every creature
Without doubting
Without coveting
Beauty that IS skin deep
Because the beauty of skin is that it holds us together
Im not exotic
Im not depressed
Im not unstable
Im truth speaking
Heart broken
Truth seeking
Im sacred
And as I am sacred
YOU are sacred, my loves


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