A Curriculum that DeBrahmanizes Yoga

As a body worker and dancer I hope to share potent mindfulness and bodywork practices (partially, through work in debrahmanizing yoga) with communities negotiating vulnerable identities.

This past weekend I participated in a trauma-centered training with Prison Yoga Project. Incredible work. Affirming and inspiring me to continue work in debrahmanizing yoga so communities most affected by violence (often indigenous and displaced indigenous people) understand yoga itself as appropriated by Hindu/savarna people from adivasi/indigenous methodologies – even if it comes through channels of globalization. Yoga is not ahistorical. I’m joining in efforts by liberators everywhere and especially Dalit- Bahujan and Adivasi scholars and organizers to reframe yoga. People deserve to know their histories and where the healing methodologies in their lives are rooted in order to know how to move in the world compromised by supremacist hegemonies and eventually act in a way that supports indigenous peoples worldwide who have been holding down the knowledge bases that center true liberation 🌸

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