Mentioned by Art Stuff Matters’ LaTanya S. Autry – inaugural Curator of Art and Civil Rights at Mississippi Museum of Art and Tougaloo College

Reflecting on My Time at Yale: The “Museums and Social Justice Reading Group”

Excerpt >>> “In February, the Davis Museum’s decided to remove art made by immigrants as response to Trump’s Muslim ban.

Later in May, in concert with NEMA, Margaret Middleton, a museum professional based in Providence, RI, organized a panel to discuss the museum’s project. Pampi, one of the co-panelists, wrote a rich reflection about the gathering.

Below please find links to essays by Pampi and Annie Wang, a Wellesley alum who critiqued the museum’s gesture much earlier. I feel that both authors did a good job at highlighting the Davis Museum’s lack of self-criticality.

Back in February, many art publications mentioned the museum’s decision. But I didn’t see any articles that put the lens on the inherent problems that many art museums would engage by pointing the finger at others about exclusionary practices. Moreover, most art writers failed to discuss how a ban against a particular ethnic group is different than one against all immigrants.

Pampi and Wang challenge all who both care about museums and support social justice to think deeply about how we can institute self-reflection and self-critique in our museums while negotiating the slippery terrain endemic to the colonialist origins of museums, trendiness of institutional inclusion rhetoric despite prevalent current practices and longstanding histories of exclusion in our museums, and the stated desire to be relevant in contemporary society. Tall order!