Testimonial for #XplicitCare Vision Manifest Worldbuild

“She spoke with nuance about … the ways we must reclaim the power of culture. I have not come across in other spaces the intersection of culture/art and care, and was grateful to be able to think about culture’s potential.

One of my central research questions is whether such a self-centered and individualist concept like self-care indeed has the radical potential it is made out to have. Pampy approached that tension with such nuance, speaking of the potential and imperative to turn personal care into collective liberation. One way she spoke of the way to make this transition is by approaching one’s personal care with an acute awareness and analysis of one’s own positionality. Moreover, by including ideas like that of the “love languages,” Pampy impressed upon us in her workshop the centrality of others and relationships even in personal care.”

– Student participant, Jordy G