Xplicit Care BRUNCH Series at The Democracy Center Sundays 4/23, 5/7 & 5/21


REGISTRATION Required. Links for each workshop below!

Why Xplicit Care?
We must explicitly center self care in community for our collective wellbeing to manifest and flourish!

Why self care in community?
We must always integrate care of self with care for community. Who holds us up?

Expressive Arts for Healing
Tools to create an immediate and integrated longer-term vision for mindfully centering care practices accountable to self and community

Workshops center lived experiences and collective community wisdom

Workshops model community PLAY

Sunday, 4/23, 12 pm – 2 pm
Developing a Habit of Care




Sunday, 5/7, 12 pm – 2 pm
Unpacking Attachment and Security




Sunday, 5/21, 12 pm – 2 pm

Vision, Manifest, Worldbuild




By registering and pledging to put these workshop times on your calendar and attending them regularly you will be acknowledging the artist’s labor and dedication to community work and supporting the center for offering this workshop series for FREE. We invite you in this exercise of holding space in community.

If you have means, by all means! Please help Pampi earn a living wage by mini-commissioning their creative work (suggested donation $30-$60 for 3 hour self care workshops); no one turned away due to inability to pay.

We will seek childcare, language (including ASL) interpretation, and other accommodations upon request.

All information will be kept confidential to event organizers.

NOTE The Democracy Center is not wheelchair accessible: there are 8 steep steps to get in the front door. Please contact info@democracycenter.org or 617 492 8855 to discuss improvement plans or your accessibility needs.

Xplicit BIO A near-20 year settler-resident of Massachuset and Wompanoag territories – the so-called greater Boston area – Pampi is a darker skinned gender non-conforming second genx casteD Bengali (S. Asian) person who acknowledges their complicity in erasing people who may identify as Afro and Asian and continued participation in anti-black anti-Dalit and anti-indigenous infrastructures, benefiting from so-called US birth privileges and a middle class upbringing, which allowed them access to matriculation from a recognized magnet public HS and an elite engineering school, among much other support. They have protectionist living parents who adore them and therefore struggle to understand and support them. They have endured childhood and workplace bullying, domestic and sexual violence, and struggle with mental and physical illness. Pampi is committed to channeling whatever resources they have access to for visioning with communities in love and liberation, breaking the numbing isolation that too is genocide. As a culture worker who flourishes the intersection of culture, social justice, healing and education, they help develop community-centered art that aims to release creative potential and drive collective change-making.