When a schedule becomes a practice of self care

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Envisioning a schedule you would actually follow is self care. It doesn’t have to look like a to do list or a planner sheet. In fact it’s beyond schedule – it’s the process to pushing your schedule to reflect what you were put on this earth to get done. Mindfulness is the key. We’ll be applying the expressive arts to identify the habits we want and how to center them to actualize them 💛💛💛

At the beginning of every year I make a goal sheet that has all my hopes and dreams bound up with bread and butter needs. Shaping this goal sheet into an effective tool became something of a passion. At the end of the first year I was astonished just how much I had accomplished. It’s been five years now. Revisiting it at the end of each year has allowed me to have an overview of my life as it has gone and where I’d like it to go. It truly allows for a satisfying reflection of the year easily setting up for resolutions for the new year that make sense. The chart is not meant to be punitive as it allows me to assess every few months what my priorities are (less mundane more profane: priorities that address what I’ve been on this earth to do) and how I can continue to center them. This year after reflecting on the past two years of dedicating myself to culture work I knew I wanted to contribute to modeling accountable community building with wellness at the root of it. I have been graced with feeling this intention resonate in my life as something others are also thirsting for after listening and listening. I hope to share this tool and a few others Today 🙂 And I will be inviting you to share and contribute your best practices. In community we have the solutions!