Xplicit Care: Developing a Habit of Care #xplicitcare

From my comrade ER

“Y’all should register for Pampi‘s upcoming workshop series on developing self care practices and communities of care! I’m going because this is the stuff that always gets cut from the retreat agenda, from the planning meeting, from the thinkpieces.

We know that self care isn’t just bath bombs and smoothies, that the realest stuff is much deeper. Come try this on with me. Sundays, 12-2 (4/23, 5/7, 5/21) – lunch provided.



Hullo! Super excited for a Sunday of creative exploration of self and community applying the expressive arts! And over Brunch. Sunny side UP!

This Sunday we will be looking into Developing a Habit of Care

It takes 21 days to make a habit. So what are the habits we need to make for accountable self care in community and how do we begin to center them in daily practice?

Please note: these workshops are standalone and also designed to build knowledge if taken as a series.

Please be sure to register so we know how much food to have prepared 😉

Image from a painting I made <3