On AbunDANCE ;)

While I have reflected on this thread a bit about dance and community, I wanted this time to speak to abundance. The more I am in this world the more I am understanding that abundance might be a state of mind. The hegemonic state works to impoverish us through punitive measures. These acts of violence are internalized in the most intimate ways. Abundance is then a resistance to the tendency to shut down beyond any measure we take to survive in this world. In myself I realize in attempting to live within my means I have ended up living under my means. This attitude is injurious because it does not allow me to flourish beyond what I have told myself is me not taking up space. I also curb myself which in theory appears to be a good practice of holding space in some spaces but not when it overwhelms my need to act on the world. The negotiation of holding back when conflated with holding space can be excruciating. I don’t have to express everything publicly; however, this practice of holding back curbs my ability to express myself privately and that kind of expression is how we learn and grow into responsive and thoughtful human beings. Abundance, then, is about claiming our right to take up space to experiment, to talk to ourselves with compassion, gentleness, humility and lots and lots of love. With this kind of mindfulness we can diminish redactive fear and allow ourselves to vision and receive the wealth of our dreams manifesting the other worlds of possibility we are living for anyways

Photo by Kristophe Diaz

See you all tonight <3 <3 <3