Boston Opportunity Fund Awardee for AbunDANCE community dance initiative

Good news. I was awarded the City of Boston’s Opportunity Fund so I can bring this class to the other side of the river. I’m not sure I will have a regular spot like I do at the Democracy Center but I hope to do a series of demos. Hopefully by request these can become a class Boston-side.

Here’s a bit of the language behind the request for funds from the City. I see this as an exercise in holding the city accountable to supporting cultural work >>

Having attended many and diverse community meetings in Boston-specifically, one thing I have been hearing from organizers is access to spaces and modalities of healing for their neighbors.

Dance is an incredible healing force and a modality that brings levity and joy that comes with the feeling of accomplishment when people work through something physical and get it. Over the past four years I have been developing a model whereby communities can reclaim meditative dance that is good on the body and adaptable to a variety of bodies.

I feel deeply that people are hungry to reconnect with this modality. Seeking always to incorporate many access points to a form that is dependent on bodies that bear pain through various toxic socialization practices, I hope through this process to ease suffering through transforming embodied trauma mindfully, joyfully, abundantly.

The practice of healing involves inclusion: I design responsive choreography and am mindful that people have variable movement capacities. I make modifications to the best of my ability with a goal to accommodate anyone interested in dance.

I would not want to charge participants. As a working artist, I am seeking a moderate stipend from the Opportunity Fund for 3 months of work that would help me with rehearsal spaces to develop and share the choreography, food for participants at each class (for health and wellness modeling especially in a space dedicated to physical wellness), and a stipend for my labor developing the choreography and community dance model during this time. This support would be essential in making this effort be sustainable.

Let’s get our neighbors dancing in community!