Poetry for old friends

Poetry for old friends is necessary

Correspondence is the usual

As rare perhaps

Somehow it’s as if old friends cannot inspire the flowery feelings a lover can

Even the worst lovers

Especially the worst lovers

Why old friends give the best love, no?

They are under no pressure of sexual impress to

And so their care when given is extra special

And you my dear

In your most troubled day

One of too many you have been having

For my comfort

You listened and advised and read to me and highlighted text in bold so I can cry about someone


Not mentioning my love for you enough

Because that’s what sex does

And yet here you have been

Through all these times of good and bad

With your molten cheeses over endives from better days

Strawberries you dipped into chocolate by hand

To celebrate me

You are an angel my love

And though I too am in straits

Because with old friends our lines get better over time

We give each other space to struggle

And don’t come to the others’ rescue

Unless asked

Though I cannot do much

I want to say

You are dear so very dear to me