#PersonalManifesto: Write It, Dance It, Draw It, Sing It @ True Colors: Out Youth Theater

FREE WORKSHOP AGES 14-29! RSVP at the “Tickets Available” link above.

Through creative charting and theater games, song and movement, we will tease out our hopes and dreams for our communities and be able to share it with them however our personal talents moves us most.

Teaching Artist Pampi is a community organizer and culture worker flourishing the intersection of culture, social justice, and education. They develop community-centered art that aims to release creative potential and drive collective change-making, and have co-produced over 15 curated interactive multimedia art events.

Looking forward to meeting you all next Monday 4/3 5-8pm!

This workshop is adapted from one I presented at CommonBound New Economy Conference last summer >>

I created this workshop so that people most vulnerable – especially our youth – feel valued and can confidently deconstruct economic theory intentionally and with power. Youth have every right to, can and MUST contribute to economic theory in order for true liberation.

WHAT?!! We can dance economic theory?!! Sure we can  Pop in and experience >>

How? A first step is to represent our truths. In this workshop we will create personal manifestos that vision economic theory rooted in lived experience and remain true to our innate creative expression.
The mission is to get clarity for ourselves and inspire conversation with our communities. When people see their neighbors articulating economic theory creatively and confidently, the hope is they too may get inspired to engage topics typically made to appear daunting.

Here’s to Future Making! Here’s to Cultural Strategy!