Panoplay Panocam “Panompi” – capturing movement time place and person

Photo by KC
1/16/17 6:31pm
Boston, MA
Photo by Justin M
3/21/17 4:24pm
Cambridge, MA


A veritable panoply >>> late 16th century (in the sense ‘complete protection for spiritual warfare,’ often with biblical allusion to Eph. 6:11, 13): from French panoplie or modern Latin panoplia ‘full armor,’ from Greek, from pan ‘all’ + hopla ‘arms.’

I seek to reclaim dance as a community tool in spiritual warfare against oppressive measures of the multinational corporate city state – where t3mpl3 dancers become warriors armed with radical love, practices of care in community, and nonviolent yet militant defense of community, this visual representation of the body as fragmented yet ubiquitously present becomes the embodiment of “full armors” made of blood and bones that seems to bless the space it occupies through its playful engagement circling place