Draft: As a casted South Asian American, to even be on this soil is born of privilege. #donterasecaste

imageAs a casted South Asian American, to even be on this soil is born of privilege. I can stand because my family’s caste privilege comes from and continues to come from standing on millennia-long violence that is institutionalized caste enforcement against the adivasi and Dalit peoples of my parents’ homeland. I am disturbed by Hindu American Foundation’s use of a report passing off race-based bullying here for blanket sympathy without acknowledging how its members are rewriting history through erasure and myth-making much like its big brother upper caste fundamentalist bully-cronies running South Asia. It parallels white supremacist “educational” institutions here that want to relay in our children’s textbooks that black Americans’ ancestors migrated here to work. That this egregious lie is still being contested in our schoolbooks is abhorrent. I too have been bullied growing up here. Yes at the hands of American classmates and school administrators but also by upper caste Hindu families at community gatherings. I’m quite familiar with supremacist snubs. Be it race gender sex class or caste. As an educator I would want that children learn how to struggle with the truth and not be raised in a climate of ignorant self-righteous entitlement passed off as pride. Any rights any of us have is owed to millennia-long struggles for liberation. We stand on the shoulders of everyday people made extraordinary for demanding their humanity in midst of abject oppression and designed dehumanization displacement and poverty. Struggling with our complicity in this is true education. As a person of Hindu descent, I join South Asian Histories for All Coalition to ensure that Hindu fundamentalist groups like the Hindu American Foundation will not change history to further hate agenda. Not in our names. I am able to stand because #blacklivesmatter and #dalitwomenfight