#decolonizeourmuseums From Strandbeests To ‘Renoir Sucks’: The Best Art Around Boston In 2015

On December 28, 2015 by pampi

picDecolonizeMuseums“Decolonize Our Museums” protests at Museum of Fine Arts

Image designed by Shaina Lu

“In July, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts announced that is was cancelling its event called “Claude Monet: Flirting with the Exotic” and “Kimono Wednesdays,” which had invited visitors to try on the traditional Japanese garment and pose in front of the museum’s Claude Monet painting “La Japonaise,” which depicts the French artist’s wife doing the same. The museum’s move was in response to a group of protestors calling themselves “Stand Against Yellow Face” and later “Decolonize Our Museums,” lead by Amber Ying, Loreto Paz Ansaldo and Pampi Thirdeyefell. For several Wednesdays, they stood in the gallery with signs charging that the museum’s “exotic” approach to Japanese culture was racist, Orientalist and imperialist. The protests sparked international debate about (1) when is it appropriate for people of one culture to imitate or appropriate the culture of another people and (2) who gets to say. When new MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum arrived, one of his first public acts was to sit down in October with the protest leaders for a chat.” – Greg Cook, WBUR





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