Jataka Fables and Community Theater Techniques

11062647_1117324618281850_5947229504093176160_nWe present three tales for Jataka Fables.

At the end of the set of fables, we elect to share community theatre techniques with our audience to break the audience performer barrier

Depending on the crowd energy and need (elicited through a few questions asked of the crowd after performances), we would engage the audience in forum theatre, playback or mask-play to enact a situation in community someone who volunteers to share is struggling with and to apply the many perspectives in the audience to come up with possible solutions and understand how the individual may look at the situation with new eyes.

The power of community theater is that it elects the bodily re-enactment of an origin story that can then we revisited and tweaked for outcomes, where the community as actors maintain a presence and investment in outcomes for solutions. Too community theater reclaims the power of story-telling and active listening in community (passing the roles to everyone) to enable communities to exercise togetherness in order to problem solve