“These story-songs, parables from Buddhist tradition, are representative of how things that inspire us keep spreading.

The story of this song is that of a brave little parrot who lived in a forest that caught fire.

All the birds and the animals of the forest were fleeing. But the brave little parrot could not to flee. She came and sat on the tree whom she lived in all her life.

The story tells the conversation between the bird and the tree

The tree says, “You have wings”

So the bird turns around to the tree and says, “I ate you’re your fruits, I soiled your leaves, I played from branch to branch. You burn and I fly away? You live and love but once”

So what does this brave and utterly foolish and courageous parrot do? She goes and plunges herself into the lake nearby, Comes back over this blazing forest fire, And flaps her wings. Two three drops of water fall

And then she circles back to the lake. Plunges again, Comes back over this blazing forest fire. And again flaps her wings.
And again two three drops of water fall.

And she keeps circling between the lake and her tree friend.

parrotBurningTreeGreenHer friends, the other animals and birds, who were fleeing start scoffing at her and laughing at her, Saying “What do you think you are doing?” She turns to them and says, “What I can.”

[Just then, the tiger, a most influential being, hearing all the raucous, goes up a bluff to get a better vantage point. He sees this brave parrot just as she struggles to fly down into the forest with water on her back. Tiger is incredibly moved by the might of this bird. He begins to cry.

He is so moved in fact he rallies the other animals to stop the fire and save their home.]

The main refrain of the song is
“O my dear friend | Whom should I love?””

– Shabnam Virmani, with slight modification by Pampi

– Part of Series of Jataka Tales Re-interpreted for R Visions for Chinatown’s Right to Remain!