“Venus Garden,” a selection from Sculpted Guardian Illumined

In Divine Company, we offer “Sculpted Guardian Illumined,” an interactive projection installation of thirteen mini choreographies, deconstructing Michelangelo’s David, Rodin’s Kiss, and Venus de Milo through video, sound and performance. We invite you to explore with us those concerns often kept deeply embedded in our collective social psyche that we look to unlock by meditating on these iconic sculptures. We respectfully ask: Who are our guardians? How do we bring a practice of radical love in an increasingly militarized statehood? How do we negotiate and bring forth our multifaceted othered identities in face of cultural icons that are designed to assimilate, control and contain us? What does all these mean for our communities NOW – globally and in Boston?

10858443_967462119934768_7280436911274931825_n“Venus Garden,” a selection from Sculpted Guardian Illumined. Concept + Choreography: Terina-Jasmine Alladin. Video Art: Rose Maison. Live Shadow Puppetry: Dey Hernandez — with Dancers Iris Cutler, Terina-Jasmine Alladin, Chien-Hwe Hong and Loreto Paz Ansaldo.

We keep In Divine Company this season with a troupe of incredibly talented, committed and thoughtful movement, technology, visual and sound artists (who experiment in traditional, digital and mixed media). ***Night of ILLUMINUS, we will be featuring the camera vision technology Harlequin that our team helped to develop at MIT Hacking Arts, which won us “Most Creative Hack”!

In Divine Company aspires to create innovative socially-conscious meditative dance theater that is responsive to current events and stays relevant by engaging in technologies of the now.