10734211_10152416181442055_5721297821224927708_n“By the Light of the Moon”
Themes: Friendship and Allyhood
Puppet: Boar, Fish
Sets: Banyan Tree, Moon, River
Animal Body: Boar and Fish

Two longtime friends discover that the truth can free them from the most convoluted argument. At the moment of truth, seeking to believe each other’s perspective without definite proof, helps to save their friendship.

Once upon a time, there were two very good friends who lived together along the river. One was a boar and one was a fish. Every morning the fish would go say hello to the
boar at the water’s edge. They would make nice conversation at every meal. And the fish would follow the boar along the water’s edge when they had time to play and make merry.

However, every full moon they would get into an unfortunate argument over how the moon appeared.

To the boar the moon was the sun become cold and withdrawn like an ever-watching eye in an inky pool of sky. It made him sleepy and stumbly. To the fish the moon was a benevolent melty liquid that wrapped her in ecstasy and made her feel bigger and more connected to every being in the world.

As they had no way of visiting each other’s worlds, it was one of those impossible arguments. The boar would get very irascible and hurtful and the fish would cry.

Again this happens, and we see the two friends fighting with each other so bitterly. This time the argument escalates so much, they even start calling each other names! “Bubble breath!” “Tusk face!” The boar annoyed by the fish’ tears… the fish scared at how terrifying the boar looks.

Fearing for their friendship, the fish asks the boar, “Are we at such a point that maybe we never see each other again? Is it so outrageous that though you don’t know my world that my world might exist?”

The boar was stunned by her words and snorted his confusion. His heart stopped short. As he thought about what it might feel like not to see his lovely fish friend kissing his snout in the morning and jumping out of the water to sparkle in the sun when they promenade, his anger melted away into sadness.

He asked her tentatively, “Would you then believe my world too exists?”

“You aren’t seeing?,” she replied, “You are my world.”

– Part of Series of Jataka Tales Re-interpreted for R Visions for Chinatown’s Right to Remain!