Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down

thirdeyefell goes dark on hallow’s eve in memory of the freshly murdered or left for dead.

i was going to pull up a dashing cowboy skull i had done in drag a couple years back for halloween but then the recent student murders in mexico flooded into my brain. from there i remember the terrible triple murder and dismembering of a dalit family, one of many that happens. and even less comprehensible, the unchecked killing of youth of color, often at the hand of law enforcement, here in the States – the destruction of bodies every day getting progressively bolder, and it is happening the world over. too many to count.

in certain ever-expanding exploited spaces there is no security of basic civil rights and human dignity – people are tortured killed maimed pre-post-mortem – social stratification enforced on the bodies of the most vulnerable. and still we justify civilization.

i am reminded of a poem i wrote five years back that i’ve been waiting to produce as performance. i will recall a few lines from it in memory of people being violated as we speak. there is no time for memoriums. there is no time for grief. we move too fast to know how our world is rotting. it’s just too raw.

“Hammurabi’s dead
His kids have gone amuck
Why does this world hold such psychotic schmucks?

Psychic death, Asphyxiating love
Stripping people of facing death on their own terms

Ashes Ashes we all fall down”