“States of Mind. United?” – A projection performance

On August 24, 2014 by pampi

[VIDEO below]

Lore and Pampi humby offer “States of Mind. United?”

We feel it is important to encourage and continue engaged dialogue and action about #Ferguson. As it is with any people’s movement for social justice, this dialogue and action must happen everywhere. It is urgent.

On Friday August 22, 2014 we were part of a Bring Your Own Beamer – Projector Party at Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville, while Lore’s sister Isabel attended the Candle Vigil for Mike Brown at the Boston Police Headquarters.

For the projection event, we prepared a video interfacing iconic Civil Rights images from the 60s with those receiving notoriety in #Ferguson in order to establish a timeline and connection. Lauryn Hill’s song “Black Rage” released that very same day and Gil Heron-Scott’s “The Revolution will not be Televised” comprised the soundtrack to the images. We also adapted the lyrics of “The Revolution will not be Televised” with current references. Through several loops of the video projection, Pampi performed a slow-paced movement reflection. She was dressed in skin tone dance wear with a mask of Treyvon Martin askance on her head, partially obscuring her face. Loreto followed by reciting the adapted lyrics to the audience, declaring the famous last line “The revolution will be LIVE” before switching to Isabel livestreaming the candle vigil at the Boston Police HQ. Even as we have collaborated in various capacities for many years, this is our first fully collaborative creative piece.


  1. Please support St. Louis- based The Organization for Black Struggle, which has been working in Ferguson for over 30 years. Together with the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Coalition, OBS has issued a list of demands. Organizations such as Color of Change and the National Domestic Workers Alliance have called on the community to send financial support to OBS.
  2. How to be an ally.

In solidarity,
Pampi & Lore,
Boston, MA

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