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1896995_813079025373720_348419008_nthird eye fell refers to the body of work Pampi produces as a trans-media performance artist and poet, based out of Somerville, MA and a resident of Boston for over 17 years. She believes in and works towards the application of the arts as a vehicle for social justice: She is Co-founder and Creative Director of PALESCA, fiscally sponsored by Sprout & co., with a mission to develop and implement multi-modal projects that build sustainable and interactive community practices by critically engaging education, social change and the arts, Fall 2013-present. While her forte is in fabric, pen, ink and paint, she enjoys experimenting with video, poetry, song, movement and installation – often featuring blood, bones and goddesses. In her work she engages issues of identity, gender, sexuality and the body politic.

As an artist of color, she is committed to creating interactive educational art pieces that are accessible and grounded in rigorous cultural research and interpretation. Since 2008, she has developed and performed over 35 original community performances and co-produced over 15 curated interactive multi-media art events. Increasingly, she is seeking to collaborate on public art projects in order to create more permanent work dedicated to infusing communities with pride in their reclaimed histories and vibrant cultures.


PampiD081. Title: Joplin & Josephine, Play Me I’m Yours After-School Special

Material: piano paint clothing props

Medium: performance installation

Size: medium-scale

DESCRIPTION: An afterschool Street performance “Joplin & Josephine: Play me I’m Yours,” as part Boston Celebrity Series’ Street Pianos Festival 2013. Pampi painted a street piano and developed a performance to it, acquainting Scott Joplin with Josephine Baker, Oct 2013

“Faces of the past here in the present”Accompanied by live piano accompaniment of a medley of Joplin favorites, Pampi takes a personal journey through dancing with masks to evoke how blackface has changed forms over time and the importance of Josephine Baker in her childhood and how her image helped battle the harsh facets of cultural assimilation

VIDEO of Pampi dancing as Josephine Baker : [Please view 2:18-4:06]

PampiD092.Title:Precious Body” Debut Choreography for In Divine Company, Pampi’s contemporary temple dance group that innovates dance and music of the South and East Asian temple traditions

Date: Nov 2013

Material: fabric paint

Medium: choreography

Size: medium-scale

In Divine Company Pampi wishes to re-integrate the warrior and the temple dancer. This intention will enable visioning that resists storytelling that is reactionary to the patriarchical context. The warrior comes in the form of the crocodile body, inspired by Kalaripayuttu, a South Indian martial arts form.

VIDEO:  [Please view 0:00-1:30]


3. Title: [X]Walk Spring Wearable Art Collection (video)302849_639030306111927_1338896417_n

Date: May 2013

Material: fabric and paint

Medium: wearable art performance installation

DESCRIPTION: A last frontier? Making gender neutral clothing, using the cuts and fabrics typically associated with women’s wear.


fabric, pen, ink and body

motion sensor performance, motion comic, contemporary temple dance movement vocabulary

upcoming projects:

In Divine Company Summer Retreat for Developing Movement Vocabulary for Contemporary Temple Dance, Summer 2014

Studies in the Masculine, Summer 2014

currently on view:

“Joplin & Josephine” street piano at Strand Theatre, as part of Boston Celebrity Series’ Street Pianos Festival

Loreto Paz Ansaldo (events planner)

Dey Hernandez-Vasquez (masks + puppetry + performance), Melissa Huser (movement artist), Michael Dwan Singh (actor, writer, singer, composer – tabla, sarangi), Akili Jamal Haynes (movement), Mali Sastri (movement + vocals), Gabriela Silva (movement), Chloe Green (movement), Jacob Dinklage (movement), Michael Webber (sound installation), Justin Francos (piano + melodica), Matt Pearsall (clarinet), Odaine Williams (piano), Kristophe Diaz (multi-media performance installation), Colin Forhan (throat singing + guitar), Alison Dagger (flute), Natalie Claudio (movement artist), Eleonora Laurino (director), Mohan Krishnan (guitar), Nick Detar-Koch (guitar), Aura Valdes (spoken word), Paulo Cesar Pereira (cello), Jada Yvette (musician – sitar, songwriter), Tanya K. Palit (songstress, composer – guitar, ukelele), Seth Heidkamp (composer – bass, guitar), Adi Rattner (movement artist), Onem Boreal (art installation), Chloe Frankel (movement artist), Ishani Das (actor, dancer, singer)

Kristophe Diaz, Onem Boreal, Holly Collins, James R. Marcus, Jason P. Quinlan, Jennifer Gentzyel

hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry consult:
Ankana Ani Bee (crochet), Rebecca D’Antonio (jewelry), Sarah Hogan (jewelry), Lidia Flores (knitting), Loreto Ansaldo (hair), Nirishka Sylvester (hair + jewelry)

SCATV, member
Boston Dance Alliance, member
Somerville Open Studios, member
Somerville Porchfest, member