Unveiled :: “Precious Body” Wearable Arts Collection


presenting “Precious Body ~ temple dance wear”
reclaiming the warrior body into the temple body*

What would a Beantown temple warrior weah?

interpreting “Seven Samurai” through animal bodies native to New England and origami as nuveau draping

Contemplative and compassionate as a monk;
bright and brave as a warrior;
Beauty glows from rooted poise and confidence.

Rediscovered: the draped body, pinned, tucked with origami precision;
the primal strike of the animal encoded in the warrior form;
the change of seasons in color and texture.

What would a temple warrior stand for?

let us say no to racism
let us see it

let us say no to caste
let us believe it exists

let us say no to holocausts
let us remember so we never forget

let us TRULY break free

when we compel whole peoples to know their place
we are not free at all

let us bring the beauty in our hearts OUT!

let us say no to caste atrocities
#DalitWomenFight !

Let us say no to the prison industrial complex
#JobsNotJails !

*for In Divine Company, a program of PALESCA.org

the Temple of Infinite Love, Site #71
SAT May 3, noon-6

continuing the themes of today within the context of self-care through community,

“Hug Thyself: A Call to Self-Care”

will be an interactive art installation in dance, song, poetry & visual art with over a dozen local performers













In collaboration with:
Sundog – original remix (just-released “Better” by Sundog w/ original poem “Yoga is not innocent” by Pampi)
Lidia Flores – knitted blouse (Etsy shop: lilapini)
Ankana B. – crochet top (Boston-based wearable fiber art & mixed-media artist)
Rebecca D’Antonio – body jewelry

Melissa Huser – Odissi dancer at Upasana
Jacob Dinklage – of band Premium Spirits
Mali Sastri – opera house stray, lead singer for Jaggery
Nick Detar-Koch – movement geek & CrossFit trainer in Union Square
Chien-Hwe Carol Hong – founder of 1ooo virtues
Tandy Nurse – dancer extraordinaire
Akili Jamal Haynes – producer & founder of World of Chibuzo
Nalumon Michelle – acro-yoga enthusiast