Yoga is not Innocent

[fblike]- a poem informing “Precious Body” Wearable Collection

For some time I’ve known of yoga’s dark abiding furtive and silenced present;
However, a recent spade of highly articulate articles has helped me to cinch the thoughts.

“Yoga is not innocent”

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga is not innocent
Yoga’s in Boston
Yoga is Brahmanized
Yoga is not spiritual
Yoga’s just exercise

Yoga is not pure
Yoga is not divine
Yoga is not Hindu
Put Yoga on the line

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga’s not innocent

Yoga’s colonial construct
Cultural hegemony
Yoga is globalization
Yoga’s elitist thuggery

Yoga is folk
Yoga’s indigenous
Yoga is Adivasi
Yoga and Dalit

Yoga is appropriation
Yoga is hybridization
Yoga is emulation
Yoga is proliferation

Yoga is Indian
Yoga and drills
Yoga is British
Yoga and gymnastics
Yoga is Swiss
Yoga and body-building
Yoga is Danish
Yoga and acrobatics

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga is not innocent

Yoga is Sanskritized
Yoga is sanitized
Yoga is sterilized
Yoga funds the Hindu right

Yoga is ghee
Yoga is curry
Yoga is Ayurvedic
Yoga and white guilt

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga is not innocent
Yoga and superstition
Yoga and scholarship
Yoga and book burnings
Yoga and assassinations

Yoga and televangelism
Yoga and Big Media
Yoga and Islamophobia
Yoga and chauvinism

Yoga and warrior women
Yoga and the temple dancer
Yoga and fighting girls
Yoga and the precious body

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga is not innocent

Yoga is castegenics
Yoga and genocide
Yoga and communal violence
Where the other is brutalized
Yoga and Gujurat murders
Yoga and the BJP
Yoga and land grabs
Yoga and elections

Yoga is meditation in movement
Yoga is divine bullshit
Yoga is gratitude in platitudes
When there’s just too much meaning

Yo Yo Yo
Yoga is not innocent
Yoga and Namaste

let us say no to racism
let us see it

let us say no to caste
let us believe it exists

let us say no to holocausts
let us remember so we never forget

let us TRULY break free

when we compel whole peoples to know their place
we are not free at all

let us bring the beauty in our hearts OUT!

let us say no to caste atrocities
#DalitWomenFight !

Let us say no to the prison industrial complex
#JobsNotJails !