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On December 19, 2013 by pampi

10 Week CURRICULUM (designed in great part by Rachel Maguire), Co-Taught with Katie Li20131219-183050.jpg

PDFof the finished book laid out.

Week 1 Intro to and care of supplies, name on folder, chibi self portrait, buttons, make free draw journals
Week 2 Dialogue, word bubbles, joke, transitions of time
Week 3 Expressions, character mash-up, color
Week 4 Hands, body shapes, character types, hero and villain, ink, color
Week 5 Dynamic pose of villains, minions
Week 6 Plot, work on hero villain comic
Week 7 Color comic, work on more pages of comic
Week 8 Perspective, meme comic
Week 9 mad lib comic, cover for book
Week 10 assemble books, flipbooks (special animation assignment)


Hi Pampi,
Jacob has loved this class… I would love to enroll him in another Comics class.
Jacob’s mom

Hi Pampi,
I am Jack’s mom… He has loved working with you and is inspired to take drawing/painting next term on Saturdays.

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